Let us take care of the complex filming and editing process that’s involved in making your brand come to life

Vancouver Video Marketing Company

We make films that instil confidence in your brand, your products, your services,  and you. Frame your company values in a way that captivates minds and moves hearts. Spark connections with artful angles, creative composition and soulful storytelling.

We help the right people remember you, so the right people stand by you. We believe in visual journeys that lead with purpose, carry the pulse of your passion and spotlight your people in a real and relatable way.

Our focus is to provide you with easy-to-consume videos for whatever it is that you do. We are a video marketing company based in Vancouver who turns any video production into multiple bite-sized pieces.

We are a video production company that tells stories.

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Promotional Video

Promotional videos, commercials, social media content, product videos or product testimonials are all powerful and effective tools for local businesses to promote their brand or services on the market. It is imperative to communicate the value of your brand and its products or services in a concise, emotionally stimulating manner to captivate your audience. Let’s examine your goals and start attracting the right people to your brand, driving lead generation and sales.

Corporate Video

Corporate films, recruiting videos, product explainers for a sales team, motivational videos, video leaflets, real estate videos, corporate teasers and many more. Utilize corporate videos to change the image of your company, attract new auditory, show main corporate benefits, motivate your team, recruit new team members and so on..

Branded Content

Shareable social media video content with relevant integration of the brand is essential. This can be achieved with vlog episodes, travel video series, online cooking shows, educational content, how-to tips, online product reviews…anything that your target audience might find fun, engaging, valuable and share-worthy while scrolling their feed.

Event Video Production

Special events, fashion shows, corporative anniversary, trade shows, conferences, product launches, branch opening, PR tours, corporate strategic meetings and various celebrations. We provide HD coverage of a multitude of events. A video highlight can provide people who could not attend with a complete overview of the event. It also can be used to market your conference or show for next year’s attendees.

Product Video

With so many products being sold online, it’s important to take every measure to assure your e-commerce business has the best chances of thriving. We assist online retailers in making their e-commerce products stand out so they can boost sales amidst a crowded market. We will examine your criteria and the specific needs of your brand to convey your message and increase traffic to your website or Amazon.

Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter video is an awesome way to fund your independent project, and an outstanding product video is the surest way to reach your funding goal. This type of video production is unique and incredibly beneficial when done correctly. Whether it’s Kickstarter videos, Indiegogo videos or any other standalone fundraising video platforms, we got you covered in HD or 4K.